Everything you need to make SAP simple.

We specialise in hosting services and technical support for SAP using the AWS cloud infrastructure. So we can take care of everything to maximise your software’s efficiency and reliability – while you concentrate on growing your business.

Infrastructure efficiency

An SAP landscape essentially has three systems – development, quality assurance and production. Each has a particular purpose, but typically only the production system needs to be on 24/7. So, if it suits your business, we can reduce your costs by setting up your other systems to power on automatically at 8 am and off again at 6 pm.


Software costs and challenging configuration make on-premise backup a worry. Most SAP systems we come across would be impossible to recover in the event of a major hardware failure. But with the AWS cloud platform, your critical data are backed up using tried and tested methods to a local drive, with a regular snapshot of your backup drive taken and stored. How many you keep is up to you – you only pay for what you use.

Hardware upgrades

Hosting your SAP on AWS means hardware upgrades can take a matter of minutes – so no more long, convoluted processes and expensive downtime. To expand from a two core server to forty core, for example, we can make the change at an agreed date and time in a few minutes – and switch it back again quickly if necessary, reducing your costs.

Disaster recovery

With Nimbus Link, you can always have one or more standby systems ready to go. So if your operating system, database or SAP software fails through a bug or user error, we can restore the transaction log (which is never more than five minutes old), bring the database online, rename the server to replace your live server and start SAP in under 30 minutes.

If data are lost through user error, we can restore transaction logs from any point at five-minute intervals so that it can be retrieved. There’s no limit to how many standby servers you have – you only pay for what you use. If you don’t want to pay for a standby server, we can rebuild your system in just a few hours in case of failure.

Smooth migration

We make migration simple, with just an hour or two of downtime. Data from your SAP system is backed up to your new server on AWS with SAP installed in advance. When installation’s complete, we stop your system, copy and restore the tail of the transaction log, rename the system and bring SAP back online.

Solution Manager

Your Solution Manager system keeps your SAP system supported and up-to-date, with regular enhancement packages and support package stacks that keep you SAP-supported and comply with legal requirements for payroll, HR and more. We can migrate your existing server or build a new one from scratch on AWS. Alternatively, you can continue to use your VAR’s Solution Manager system, but this can slow some processes down.

Security patches

For security, stability and performance it’s vital to keep your SAP system patched with the software, drivers and firmware up to date. The AWS platform makes it as easy as using an up-to-date instance type and installing driver updates when they’re released – and it’s all part of our service.

System monitoring

Our service also includes regular checks on your systems to make sure they’re running smoothly, looking at the metrics in the SAP-standard CCMS monitoring and various other BASIS checks including table buffers and database performance.


Choose us to host your SAP system, and you’ll be in safe hands – we’ve over ten years' experience as SAP BASIS consultants and ABAP developers and pioneered AWS-based SAP hosting. To demonstrate, as a free service we’ll log on to your SAP system, and everything we see that’s wrong, we’ll fix as part of the migration process.